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Documentation Casts of a Wait for Relocation Disappeard 02 Wester_JPEG-3179.jpg

Casts of a wait for relocation, disappeared

Project / Installation (2017)


In 2017 I had my studio in the basement of a refugee center. We created castings in plaster, without goals and meaning. The care of something without purpose, like a sanctuary. Creativity as a temporary shelter. One day I when returned to our temporary studio the facility had been closed down and everyone who lived in the center had been relocated and all our work had been cleaned out.

All I had left was a few random photos of a few castings.


(In an attempt to preserve what was lost I minted the images of the lost fragments into NFTs.)

Images from an installation at Havremagasinet

(Slide projectors, sound, polyester)

NFT project at open sea

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