Knutte Wester's art is about our society, and the points where society falls short. His work often takes shape in open processes where the artwork is created through collaborations. He works with video, sculpture and installation. Irrespective of the technique, there is always a documentary element in the work. 

Documentation Casts of a Wait for Relocation Disappeard
Installation. Slide-projectors, Polyester, Sound
A Bastard Child
Film (57min)
Untitled Project (Rogers ave...
I want to be heard, I want to be f..
A Shelter for My Brother
A secret place
Video installation/sculpture
Dawn in a city without name
Video (7min)
Awaiting Transition
Claybirds Lullaby
Visa mer

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Knutte Wester is Represented by Gallery Andersson/Sandström