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Silocon mouned photographt of project documentation

C-print mounted on Plexi, Documentation from project, Brooklyn 2015

Untitled Project

(Rogers avenue, 6 am on a Sunday morning)

Project/photo/text (2015)

In May 2015 I moved my studio from the New York Artist Studio and Residency Foundation to a family shelter in Brooklyn. Together with the temporary residents I set up a number of sculpture workshops in the backyard of the shelter. A mother and her son came to every workshop, week after week. One day I asked the boy, we can call him “J”, where they lived before the came to the shelter.

- Before? We stayed at another shelter in East New York, and before that at another shelter in Flatbush, and before that another shelter, but before that we had a real apartment!


A few days later I talk to his mother and tell her how the story has grown into an idea for a artwork we could do together. The day after we make a cast of the shoulder of “J”. Before dawn on a Sunday morning we go back to the house that they once were evicted from. They haven’t been back in four years. We mount the cast of the shoulder on a wall where “J” could have been hanging out, had he still lived there. The street has changed a lot and the neighborhood has transformed. – This is the height of my shoulder, glue here, he says. His mother and I mount the cast and a small plate with the story. We leave right after dawn and the city awakens.   


Above, left: C-print mounted on Plexi, Documentation from project, Brooklyn 2015

Below: The artist book Untitled Project (Rogers Avenue 6 am on a Sunday morning)

            View the book at gallery Andersson/Sandström here

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