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Still from the film/video installation "Dawn in a city without name" (7min 2014)

Dawn in a city without name


Video, 7 min (2014)

I once lived in a country in transformation. The dictatorship had fallen and left behind a void, a wounded city with wounded houses and wounded people trying to rise up. I started in the mornings, before dawn. I recorded how the city awakened every day. I filmed homeless dogs that roamed around in the city in couples, always together. One morning something special happens. In a street crossing lies a dead dog. Its partner stands beside it, devastated. The living dog tries desperately to make contact with the people who pass, but no one seems to care. The dog gets increasingly desperate for help, but people just keep hurrying past.

Won best "Best Short Documentary" at Tempo Documentary Film Festival 2014

Won "Best feature story" at Northern Character Film & TV Festival

Selected for international competition at Nordic/Docs 2014, Oslo 


Selected for 

Busan Internatinal short film festival I Korea

Gothenburg International Film Festival,

Skepto International film festival, 

Cagliari Film Festival, 

Uppsala International Short Film Festival,                                         , Minimalen Film Festival in Norway

Evropa Film Akt in Paris.

Official Trailer Dawn in a city without name

Documentation from the opening of  Busan Internatinal short film festival I Korea 

Dawn in a city without a name and live music by Hunt.

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