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After the shipwreck (on an inner island)


Stone, iron loop, wreckage, Sand, ground stone, carbon fiber, glass fiber, polyester

In 1911, the ship Frans sank in a severe storm in the Baltic Sea. Hundred years later, salvaged parts of the ship became raw material for a artwork inspired by Stig Dagerman's writing.


In the work after the shipwreck (on an inner island) a small path leads through the park from the farm where Stig Dagerman grew, abandoned by his parents, up towards the place where he went to school. Halfway into the park, the path widens around a stone that lies there like a small island. On the stone, on a metaphorical island, a small figure is sitting with its legs hunched over one side and its gaze directed into the distance. As if dreaming away and traveling within oneself rather than to and from school. As if he was shipwrecked on a deserted island and is about to write a path away from there.


The stone could be a metaphorical deserted island, a small room within us where childhood remains or a symbolic place where we can travel out into the world with the help of imagination and wind in our sails.

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