You can't show my face

- In collaboration with a few artists who needs to be anonymous -

Film/Installation 2021

Premiered at DOC NYC in New York november 2021

Awarded Prix SAUVAGE CORTO at Evropa Film Arc in Paris

***Screening at Courage Film Festival in Berlin monday 9th of may

at 19:00 at the Oblomov Kreuzkoelln***

The sound of the streets are transformed in to forbidden beats, people sing and young women and men rhyme their inner feelings. They tell us about a society that rejects them, streets belonging to the government and about a vision of a utopia within creativity. Street salesmen and pedestrians form an imaginary choir of the streets, backing up the youth, suggesting the public space should belong to the public. The narrative is captured in a circular chronology, in a single day from dawn to dawn, embodying a situation.